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The new RV you want at a price you won't believe!

Rockwood's Premium Ultra-Lite Construction 

***Information provided below applies to each and every Rockwood Travel Trailer & Fifth Wheel. From the smallest to the largest model you get the best construction in a Rockwood!***

Rockwoods are built utilizing only the most advanced LAMINATED and ALUMINUM framed construction techniques:

  • Rockwood offers construction features that are unmatched by the competition.  While many products may look similar on the outside it is what can be found below the surface that distances Rockwood from competitoru2019s products. 
  • Rockwoodu2019s Structure is comprised of a Laminated & Aluminum Framed Roof Structure a Laminated & Aluminum Framed Floor Structure, Laminated & Aluminum Framed Sidewall Structures, Laminated & Aluminum Framed Front & Rear Wall Structuresu2026  This means that Rockwoodu2019s Products are 100% Laminated & Aluminum Framed, thatu2019s All 6 sides of the RV!


Rockwood utilizes Aluminum for each component of its structure as a wood replacement.  In areas where many competitors still use cheap wood 2x2u2019s that are stapled together Rockwood uses high quality aluminum that is double welded together.  Aluminum is much more expensive but is both lighter and stronger. Aluminum will stand the test of time when wood will rot and decay

FYI: Donu2019t be fooled by other products that claim to be u201cAluminum Framedu201d  Did you know that the majority of the products on the market that claim to be Aluminum Framed may still be up to 80% Wood Framed!


Rockwood utilizes the most advanced lamination techniques.  A laminated structure requires advanced equipment and machinery to produce.  A laminated structure is more costly for manufacturers so this is why traditional construction methods which consit of mostly staples, screws and hand tools are very common in the industry. 

FYI:  Keep in mind when looking at competitors products that just because all or a portion of a particular unit may be aluminum framed does not mean it is also an all laminated structure!

Rockwoodu2019s Laminated & Aluminum framed structure is a new generation composite type of construction that requires sophisticated equipment and machinery to produce manufacture. 

Laminated components like Rockwoodu2019s Roof, Floor and Walls are the result of the union of multiple layers of material which combine to form an end product with a total strength that greatly exceeds the combine strength of the individual materials

Each component in Rockwoodu2019s Laminated Structure consists of a double Welded Aluminum Frame, Dense block foam for added strength and superior insulation, an interior decking or panel, and exterior decking or panel, an exterior finish material and an interior finish material which equals a 6 Layer Laminated Structure.

This is how Rockwood products are both STRONGER & LIGHTER than the Competition!

The competitions non laminated or partial laminated structures will contain cheap and inferior materials which make for flimsy construction.  Non laminated structures are typically wood and are for the most part stapled together.  Needless to say these types of structures have no where near the strength that comes from Lamination.

When the Competition tells you their product is Aluminum Framed ask them:

Is your product Aluminum framed on all 6 Sides, the floor, roof, sidewalls, front and rear walls like Rockwood?

Is your product built with a Laminated structure on all 6 sides like Rockwood?